I am a mother of three beautiful children and without them I wouldn’t have seen this through. I always saw the magic in them but for over twenty years I was never taught to see the magic in myself. Not until I was at the verge of ending it all, I lost sight of what was important.
Growing up I felt like everything was planned out for me, never believing it could have been a different way. The older I got the more holes I tried to fill, always searching for something but never understanding why nothing seemed to help me. It was only a few years ago until I awoke from a deep sleep, I knew I needed to leave my partner. All the pain and trauma that I suffered from, pushed me closer to myself and what I was searching for all along. The center of my happiness, the reason for my being, the truth to my why. It was a challenge healing from the inside out but once I found meaning within myself, my energy shifted and new opportunities opened up for me. That all helped me to step into who I am and to discover more about myself. I am happy to get to share my journey with you in hopes it helps you find your path in life.