Are you ready to expand your sexual boundaries, knowledge, and fantasies?

This all begins by giving you a safe space to help you explore your sexual concerns and desires. To help you learn more about what you/or your partner want, need, and desire sexually. This is for men, women, and couples.

This all starts by understanding the top five sex languages and how to expand your sexual boundaries and fantasies.

We will explore your likes and dislikes, as well as your fantasies and fears. I will guide you on how to make sex fun and pleasurable. I will also give you the tools to be able to read you partner’s top sex language. 

How incredible would it be to understand what your partner’s sex language is? 

In this session I will also go over any concerns you may have and help you shift your beliefs when it comes to any of these areas and many more.

~The 5 Sex Languages

~Pain during sex

~Low libido

~Low testosterone

~Difficulty conceiving

~Sexual abuse

~Past trauma

~Low self-image

~Couples in relationship and/or single

~Men, Women, Teenagers

~Exploring your fantasies, desires, and boundaries



~Erectile dysfunction



Investment: $300 per client / $450 for couples

Time: One Hour & 15 Minutes