Intuitive Energetic Healing encompasses many unique healing properties.

It helps to target self-esteem, mental health, physical health, school, career, relationship’s, finding unconditional love for oneself and many more areas in our life.

In these sessions I will be providing a safe space that will allow you to share your concerns and issues. Using my many intuitive skills and abilities I will channel and pull in the highest and most incredible information to give you the clarity you need in regards to helping you achieve the biggest shift in your life. I will relay the knowledge on how we are both energetic and physical and what that entails.

These sessions are tailored to each individual client in giving you the biggest impact in your life.

In the session I will also be providing energy healing that will be tailored to each individual client.

The energy work may include frequency boost, open heart, chakra boost and or chakra repair, soul retrieval, cord cutting, nadis boost and or repair to any bodily damage to enhance physical performance and more. This will also help release past trauma or PTSD that we hold in the body.

Areas to shift

~Manage stress






~Unconditional love


~Wants, desires, hopes, and dreams=Goals

~Intimacy and sex



~The mental and emotional effects from the pandemic (covid)

Investment: $300

Time: One Hour & 15 Minutes