Jennifer! OH my sweet baby Jennifer!! Where have you gone? You were our sweet angel here on earth and now you have gone. Your beautiful soul was full of life, love, laughter, and beauty. The world gave us twenty incredible years to share with you before you were violently taken away from us by a drunk driver. I am still in disbelief that you are gone, that I won’t get to see your beautiful face anymore, or even get to hear your laughter that always filled my heart with joy. I am trying to make sense of WHY you got taken away from us so soon? My sweet baby Jennifer, just yesterday I was changing your diaper… You had and will always have a special place in my heart, my sweet baby Jennifer. Just as you were about to go find your path and place in this world, your soul decided to go. Even though twenty years are not enough and will never be enough, I know we are all grateful we had twenty years with you. I am going to try my best to find the words to express who our sweet Jennifer was and how much you were loved by everyone, even though there aren’t enough words in the world to be able to describe who you were. 

For all that I know about life and how our souls have a specific path to take, it still doesn’t make it easier to lose you. You had a soul that would light up a room every time you walked into it. You always knew what to say and how to say it to put a smile on a person’s face and to make them feel special no matter what you were going through. You loved unconditionally! You were the glue that held your family together, you were the rock to your family, you were the light to their soul, you gave them the strength to keep going, you brought joy to their life. As your soul left us it took a piece of your mother’s soul with it. As we try to understand what just happened and how to trust the process, all we can do is remember your beautiful soul and the love it radiated everywhere you went. You were full of life and always tried to live it to the fullest for every second you had on this earth, knowing that your time was limited. You are not with us anymore but you still keep showing us how life is short and we are all on borrowed time here on earth. Living life to the fullest and not holding ourselves back from doing what our heart desires is something we have learned from you! Watching you live your life to the fullest and never holding yourself  from anything and everything is what we all need to be doing. 

                                    “Jennifer, why do you always wear so many rings?” 

                             “So when I die you can identify my body through my rings!”   

When your body burned beyond recognition, we only had your rings as a way to identify you… YOU KNEW!! That conversation happened minutes before you burned alive, after having two car accidents minutes apart, all because someone chose to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. 

I have been to many funerals in my life, but nothing like yours, baby girl!! Yours wasn’t a funeral, it was a celebration of the beautiful twenty years we had you with us here on earth. With drums, trumpets, and pipe-bags playing. As your white casket was carried by the people that loved you, they danced with you in the casket throwing red roses at you as hundreds of people gathered around to watch you dance! I couldn’t fathom the pain your parents felt as they watched their baby girl be buried in the ground knowing they can’t see you grow old or have a family of your own or even see you become the most incredible woman that you would have become. I know one thing, and that is that they couldn’t have been more proud of who you were sweet baby girl!! Your goal in life was to become a therapist to help change millions of people’s lives. Even in your death you have managed to impact and will continue to impact thousands and millions of people all over. You had a story to tell the whole world, but none of us could fathom how loud and crazy your story would be!