You thought I was a shy innocent girl, 

I took a chance and showed you my wild side, 

you surprised me, 

You embraced all of me with an open heart,

You asked for my advice and never questioned it,

You saw my wild side and you let me shine and never questioned me, 

When others thought I was crazy and wild,

You became crazy and wild with me,

I shared my dreams with you and you didn’t laugh, 

You are turning every dream into a reality, 

When it all becomes too much,

You hold me and let me fall apart in your arms,

As you listen to my fears,

You listen to me and tell me you are here for me,

You listen to what I want instead of telling me what’s best for me,

I tell you I am scared, 

You don’t laugh at me, 

Instead you hold me and tell me I am safe,

Whether I was,

Too loud or too quiet,

Too fierce or too weak,

Too wise or too foolish,

Too bold or too meek,

 I was neither too little or too much for you,

You take me in your arms and you breathe with me,

That’s when I knew,

I knew I could stop running, 

My life doesn’t make sense without you.