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Mari is natural when it comes to intuitive readings and energetic healings. Her insight is incredibly accurate and has the gift of knowing exactly what you need to hear, especially when you can’t see it for yourself. She has the amazing ability to pinpoint details, accurate timelines off when things are going to happen, and specific geographical locations. I was so amazed in the weeks after our sessions together to see everything unfold exactly how she said it was going to. It brought so much ease to the situations she was helping me with. She is also an experienced healer who has helped me release a lot of unwanted energy that I was holding onto. I highly recommend booking a session with Mari if you’re looking for any type of healing or insight into your life.” – Brittany

Mari helped me look at sex in a whole new perspective and allowed me to realize that we as individuals hold in our hands everything it takes to lead our own lives into happiness and success. No matter how difficult it is or how embarrassed you are about your situation Mari is the right person to talk to. She understands that no matter how much pain, anxiety and suffering we go through, it’s only us as individuals who are capable of transforming ourselves to overcome anything. Beginning with my anxiety, Mari helped me understand that there are other areas in my life that I need to work on in order for my anxiety to go away and truly the results were impeccable!


Mari was so great and easy to work with. She was incredibly understanding and kind as we worked through my problems with sex and relationships. She offered such a nurturing environment that made me feel safe to talk to her about everything. The sessions were helpful to help me learn about myself and how to move forward. It was beneficial to work with her to allow myself to heal from the past and develop a better sex life with my partner. – Anonymous

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