Allowing yourself to step into the light can be scary for most people, because for some they have lived their whole life in the dark. For so long we start to question what is so valuable and special about us and why does the universe want us to be in the light, but we only question it because we are not told how special or what it is about us that makes us unique in our own way. We are all born for a reason, we are all meant to shine for that is who we are we are a bright star. Be the light and shine the way for so many that struggle to find their way. Embrace it, love it, cherish it, in body it, because you are perfect as you are. Be you, embrace you, and let your inner light shine bright for you are the diamond in the rough. Let your rainbow show all your beautiful colors, for every color tells a story about you, a story that is unique and tailored to you and only you and it would be a shame not to show the world all your beautiful colors.

For the longest time in my life I stopped allowing myself to shine bright to be the light, instead I dimmed the light. I was afraid of so many things, I was afraid that I wasn’t bright enough for people to see me or what if I over power someone else’s light. I questioned it so much that it just made it easier to dim my light but that wasn’t even possible for me to do because it was coming from a fear place. I couldn’t take anything from anyone that isn’t already mine. I just had to be more me, I just needed to align more with my core self. We spend our life searching for something that has always been inside of us. When we allow ourselves to be who we are at our core that is when we truly shine, when you believe in yourself and what you stand for nothing and no one can dim your light. Darkness can not live in light. All we have to do is change our perception into believing and seeing how bright of a star we all can be.

If we think about it, we always search for the tunnel knowing the light is at the end of it. The tunnel is you, your body is the vessel and the light you’re searching for has always been inside you. Let it shine through every cell of your body and be the star that you are meant to be. Let your light guide other people to find their light by merely being you.